Summer Home

Designer Karen Sealy packs up her samples and design pad and heads up to cottage country to makeover summer homes. Using functional and practical designs, Karen creates dreamy retreats that celebrate summer living. From a derelict waterside bunkie to a multi-family country lodge, Summer Home captures the fun, humour and emotion of a summer at the family cottage. Filmed on location at clients' lakeside homes around Ontario, the show focuses on updating and renovating cottage properties, with modest budgets and lots of fun.

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Episode 1: The Snug (8 photos)
In this episode of Summer Home, designer Karen Sealy heads north to Bracebridge to transform a riverside bunkie. Using a nautical theme, Karen gives cottage-owner Patrice a functional and beautiful space where her family can gather to eat, sleep and play.
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Episode 2: Big Family, Big Kitchen (7 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy travels to Fenelon Falls to give a large family space for cooking and dining. Cleverly re-using 100-year old wood paneling, Karen creates a family dining table and seamlessly blends the old cottage with her new design.
Episode 3: Cape Cod Cozy (8 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy heads to Rice Lake to help Rob and Nathalie's family finish the summer home reno they started. Karen tackles three main areas, the kitchen, living room and girls' bedroom, working with a Cape Cod inspired design theme.
Episode 4: Lounge Lodge (6 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy helps James and Rollie to bring some colour and flow to their Haliburton Highlands summer home. Karen uses a palette of textured fabrics to soften hard edges and add warmth and personality. Smart re-purposing of upper cabinets transforms a poorly designed kitchen into an efficient space for dining and entertaining.
Episode 5: Great Room Greater (8 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy travels the heart of the Muskokas to meet Pat and Doug at their summer homer in Gravenhurst. Their great room is trapped in the 70s and desperately needs some updating. Karen paints out much of the distracting wood paneling, unifying the space with a relaxed neutral beachside palette and updated furniture.
Episode 6: Party Pavillion (4 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy meets Ted and Liz at their Lake Simcoe summer home. They love to entertain but their space isn't big enough. Karen creates a stunning modern gazebo that combines natural and reclaimed materials to blend in seamlessly with the outdoor environment.
Episode 7: Parental Unit (7 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy gives viewers an exclusive look at her own summer home on Lake Simcoe as she makes over her tiny bunkie. Karen creates a cozy and efficient suite designed specifically for her parents, who are frequent weekend visitors. Inspired by her family's love of sailing, Karen uses a down below design theme and gives this small space a kitchenette, powder room and a surprising amount of clever storage.
Episode 8: Honeymoon Sweet (10 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy meets newlyweds Ella and Alvin, who have just purchased a summer home near Orillia. Their loft-style bedroom and ensuite is a blank slate for Karen to create a honeymoon suite that maximizes the great view. Opening up the space to light and air and creating a stunning bathroom, Karen designs a summer retreat where their relationship can grow.
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Episode 9: Bungalow on a Budget (8 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy heads to Tiny Township to update Lucie's tired kitchen and living areas. After three decades of good times, Lucie is selling the summer home and moving on. Karen uses simple, low cost solutions to give this cottage a brighter, more modern look that will appeal to potential buyers of all ages. Using a can of paint and fresh colour palette, Karen ditches the dingy 70s vinyl bar and carpeting to reveal the lovely gem underneath.
Episode 10: The Great Outdoors (8 photos)
Designer Karen Sealy heads out to the Trent-Severn Waterway where high winds and extreme weather have battered Russell and Corinne's summer home. Their wood siding is worn out and their existing deck is too small and cramped to entertain with friends and family. Karen designs a large multi-leveled deck that dramatically extends the living space. She also replaces the siding with a durable natural product that can withstand the weather extremes.
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"Just a quick note from the west coast to say I love your show Summer Home. I think I've seen every episode, but will have to watch again to be sure! I love everything you've done on the show, and you are just so adorable! I love the little touches - your field trips to stores, your vision for each space, even your wardrobe and jewelry. Everything is wonderful. All the best to you in future."
— Karen M., viewer from Vancouver, B.C.

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