Karen’s Top 5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home (Tip 4)

Karen’s Top 5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home (Tip 4)

4. Speaking of Windows… don’t forget skylights!

Our homes are so well sealed these days we’ve alleviated the issues of drafty, cold homes but now we’ve created another… not enough fresh air.  The air inside our house is between 2-5x more polluted than the air outside.  An easy solution that also offers lots of other benefits is a solar powered venting skylight. 

The units selected from Velux for our #PickeringProject don’t require wiring and operate anytime of the day

Over 200 times even if the battery is not fully charged.  They also boast a rainsensor and leak proof design for both the skylight and install kit.

Why I used skylights in the Pickering Project House

  • Improve indoor air quality and can be used to allow hot air to escape in warm months as well as offering a convenient way to bring fresh air in.  Newer homes often have HVR’s to combat this but not everyone has these.
  • Adds natural light. A skylight provides twice the light as a window the same size
  • I’m adding one in the bedroom level stairwell to let light flood the hallway and the main floor. Being right above the stairs, it will be fantastic for getting air circulating around the home. 

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