Virtual Consultations using Zoom

STEP 1: Download Zoom

Get the free download at Ideally, if you download and install it on a laptop/tablet, this will allow you to use a larger screen, while being mobile to “show” Karen around. Smartphones also work, but you just won’t have as big a screen.

STEP 2: Provide us with some information

Before our virtual consultation, gather as much of the following information as you can and send it to

a) Drawing/Plans of the space you want to address.

  • For a Condo- Request these from your building management.
  • For a House or Condo – You can go to to see if there was ever a permit for your address and request these drawings from the City in your area.
  • Enlarge and print the MLS floor plan and add some dimensions. We can provide direction if you are interested. (Don’t worry, once we are able to visit, we will verify these numbers.)

b) Photos focusing on the areas that you plan on renovating.

c) If you’re in a condo, please provide a copy of condo rules/restrictions (ex: parking/elevator booking for trades). This usually comes a little later, but if you are reaching out for drawings, might as well gather it all at once.

d) Pictures of what inspires you. Scan magazines or even easier, share Pinterest boards.

e) Re-using existing items in your new space? We will need a picture and dimensions. Once you decide to proceed we will send:

  • Furniture Inventory. To fill this out, please take a pic of the furniture/art and name it “1_family room sofa”. Add to a chart, add L, W, H dimensions and send it along with the photo.
  • Client Pre-Meeting Homework – this is a document that will really get you thinking about your project. By reading and mulling over this questionnaire, it will really help you focus your needs and wants to get the most out of the consultation.

STEP 3: Zoom Consultation

Once Karen has reviewed all your items (and sent any requests for more info/clarity), we will send you a request for a Zoom meeting that will invite you to the call. You’ll be able to walk Karen around (using a smart phone, tablet or laptop). Karen will take detailed notes and use the plans you’ve collected to sketch out potential layouts. During this call, Karen will come up with a direction based on your ideas – space; likes/dislikes and budget.

Note: It’s a good idea to test out Zoom and ensure everything is working before our call.

STEP 4: The Results!

Now for the exciting stuff… the final sketches, ideas and direction you and Karen discussed will be emailed to you for your records and saved on our network. This way you can jump start a new project with us or proceed on your own knowing we have all the notes in case you need some help along the way.