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Karen’s Top 5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home: Tips #1 & 2

TIP #1: A Temperature Appropriate Home is a Comfortable Home

Of course this time of the year we are mainly thinking about heat, but it’s just as important we consider the summer and ac. The better insulated our homes are the better the R-value the more economical it is to control the indoor air temperature. If a furnace is clicking on and off all the time its blowing air around which can aggravate allergies, be uncomfortable when you’re sitting near vents, and not efficient.

I choose to use Icynene closed cell spray foam because…

  • Traditional insulation, like fiberglass, can fail for a few reasons; installation error, for example, if you squeeze it into cavities it isn’t as effective. It needs the loft to achieve the R value
  • Whereas Icynene is sprayed into place and it can get into every nook and cranny and easily wrap around wiring and plumbing … then it amazingly expands by 100x so there’s no gaps
  • Once fiberglass is in place the trades have to add a vapour barrier (clear thick plastic) to stop air flow, and then use special tape to seal everywhere. If it’s not perfect it leaks. Closed cell spray foam has a built in vapour barrier. So even though spray foam, the material, costs more than fiberglass there is a lot of time and labour that goes into the fiberglass install
  • Icynene also can offer twice as much R value as fiberglass in the same space. This often means we aren’t building thicker walls to add fiberglass to get us to meet building code. Another big cost saver!
  • By using spray foam you stop the air leakage and therefore save money on heating and cooling
  • An added bonus, closed cell spray foam is water and animal resistant

Tip #2: Make the Space You Have Work For Your Before Considering Adding More Space

Don’t overlook a basement because you think it will be cold, damp, and dark. There are tons of ways to make your basement as warm and welcoming as any other floor in your home. One of the best tricks is to create a warm and dry floor.

I like to use the DRIcore R+ subfloor because…

  • Air gap technology promotes positive air flow, which can help with moisture and help prevent mildew.
  • DRIcore R+ Subfloor can aid in creating a warmer floor- these panels have a R value of 3 which raises finished floor temperatures by 5.° C / 10.6° F
  • These panels can also help create a soft comfortable foundation for your finished flooring
    Improved sound absorption properties
  • Easy to install

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