Karen’s Top 5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home (Tip 5)

Karen’s Top 5 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home (Tip 5)

5. Warm Your Floors

Once you’ve prepped and have your subfloors down you could even decide to really warm up key areas by heating your floors.  Basements and bathrooms are great areas for this.

I chose to use Nuheat’s electric underpads for my project

  • It’s North America’s first WiFi-enabled thermostat for floor heating systems, so you can change your settings from anywhere you are, anytime.
  • This thermostat is programmable – heat only when you are using the space
  • It’s really user-friendly and has an easy set up Wizard and easy to read screen
  • Access your energy consumption and easily view your hourly, weekly, and monthly energy consumption
  • And it works with Nest!

In other areas of your home add carpeting on top of the flooring like a nice large area rug.  It adds warmth and comfort and increases sound absorption and insulation, ensuring your floor is warm in winter and cool in summer. The Smartstrand lines from Mohawk have over 700 silk-like fibres that make up a single strand of SmartStrand Silk yarn, creating their amazing softness. This carpet offers a lifetime stain and soil resistance guaranty because it’s built into the fibre so it never washes off or wears away.

I’m choosing to use SmartStrand products from Mohawk because…

  • They’re exceptionally durable, resists matting, crushing and everyday wear-and-tear
  • They require little maintenance and clean easily with just water and mild detergent

Bonus Tip: Just like art, your area carpet can also be used to tie together a room, so don’t be afraid of patterns and colours!